Hatta Builder Atsushi Hatta

Atsushi Hatta was born on February 18, 1980, and raised up in Fujiwara(Mie Prefecture, Japan), where we can see mixed views of the industrial area and the beautiful nature.

  • 1998 Entered ESP Guitar Craft Academy.
  • 2003 Learned a full-fledged musical instrument production in NAO works, Ogaki Gifu Prefecture.
  • 2007 Became ESP Guitar Craft Academy lecturer.
  • 2009 Founded own workshop "HATTA" works in Fujihara.
  • 2013 Endorsed contract to "Shaka a-la-mode".
  • 2016 Endorsed contract to "MIYATA KAZUYA(JUN SKY WALKER(S))".
  • Now produces mainly flat mandolin, Guitar and Ukulele.